Other Trails in Garibaldi Provincial Park

Cheakamus Lake

Cheakamus Lake is located further north of Garibaldi Lake but the area around Garibaldi Lake can be accessed via Helm Creek from the Cheakamus Lake parking lot. The hike to Cheakamus Lake is relatively easy and there are two campsites along the lake.

Elfin Lakes

Elfin Lakes is accessed from the Squamish area and is a scenic hike to two small lakes in the alpine. There is a hut and campsite near the lakes for those wishing to do longer hikes to Opal Cone.

High Note Trail

The High Note Trail is located at the top of Whistler Mountain, on the other side of the ski runs, and follows a route just inside Garibaldi Provincial Park that overlooks Cheakamus Lake. The trail is best accessed by taking the Whistler gondola, then a chairlift to the peak in the summer months. The hike can then be completed in a few hours by returning to the chalet at the top of Whistler.

Russet Lake

Generally accessed by a long trail from Whistler Village, Russet Lake offers incredible scenery, a small hut that can sleep six people, and tent camping sites. Alternately, the trail can also be accessed via Singing Pass from the Whistler downhill skiing area (it joins with the High Note Trail).

Wedgemount Lake

The trail to Wedgemount Lake is only 7km (4.35 miles) long one-way but, in that distance, you gain almost 1200 meters (3937 feet), making it one of the steepest trails in the park. There is a small hut at the top and several camping spots to stay overnight.

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