Taylor Meadows Campsite

The campsite at Taylor Meadows is centrally located to explore the other nearby trails, such as Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge. With a view of the tusk nearby, the area is full of colourful wildflowers starting in late-July and into the first couple of weeks of August.

The campsite is not as popular as the one at Garibaldi Lake but can also be busy in the summer months as it acts as an overflow campsite once spaces runout at the lake. It can often be a quieter and less busy place to camp compared to at the lake, which has its advantages. The campsite in Taylor Meadows is open all year and there are 40 tenting spots in total. There are pit toilets and a hut to eat and store your food but sleeping in the hut is not permitted.

To get to the Taylor Meadows campsite, generally, you would park at the Rubble Creek parking lot and hike the 7.5km (4.66 miles) to Taylor Meadows. Around the 6km marker is a junction and you should go left to Taylor Meadows to the junction.

It is also possible to hike into Taylor Meadows from the Cheakamus Lake parking lot via Helm Creek. This is usually done as a multi-day camping trip as the hike up Helm Creek is quite strenuous. You will need to return via Helm Creek or arrange for transportation from the Rubble Creek parking lot.

Some other things to consider:

  • Bring your own clean water or plan to boil water for drinking as there is no clean water in Garibaldi Provincial Park. There is a creek through the meadows where you can often get water during the summer months but it should be boiled or treated. Do not assume the water is clean because it’s coming from a glacier, alpine river, or lake. Drinking unfiltered or non-boiled water can lead to sickness, such as an Giardia Infection.
  • No dogs allowed in Garibaldi Provincial Park.
  • There is very limited cell service in the park. Officially, there is no cell service in the park but you can occasionally get a signal from one of the cell towers that is located on the other side of Black Tusk. Do not expect to get service though.

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