Day Hikes

Most people hike the trail to Garibaldi Lake in a day. At 18km roundtrip, with 820 meters of elevation gain, the trail can be hiked in about 5 - 6 hours, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the scenery at the lake.

The best time of year to hike to Garibaldi Lake is around late-July, when the wildflowers are in full bloom in Taylor Meadows. Just beyond the 6km marker on the trail, go left at the junction towards Taylor Meadows and pass through the campsite. Hike to the junction that heads to the lake where there is a large wooden signboard. After enjoying the meadows, go right at this junction and walk down towards Garibaldi Lake. This route offers a nice extra loop and is an alternative to hiking the same trail to and from Garibaldi Lake.

Strenuous Day Hikes

It is possible to hike to Black Tusk or Panorama Ridge in a day but the trails are very long and you must be very fit and leave fairly early. It is more enjoyable to do these trails as overnight hikes. The entire route to Black Tusk is about 27km return with 1,740 meters of elevation gain. To Panorama Ridge from the Rubble Creek parking lot, the distances is about 29km return and 1,520 meters of elevation gain.

If you are uncertain whether you can complete these trails in a day, you can plan a shorter route by turning right after Taylor Meadows and heading down to Garibaldi Lake instead. This will allow you to make the decision of shortening your hike around the halfway mark of these longer trails.

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